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Expert in New Caledonia visa services since 2003, VisaHQ is a private visa agency, not affiliated with the government of New Caledonia. VisaHQ provides expediting services for visa to New Caledonia and charges a service fee. See how we compare in the 90 seconds


            New Caledonia Visa

New Caledonia Visa for Gambia passport holder living in Australia

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Please note that you need to attend an appointment at the Consulate of France in Sydney. VisaHQ will fill up the visa application form, check the documents, book an appointment and collect the passport on your behalf.

Fill out New Caledonia tourist visa application form online

and send the following documents to VisaHQ:

New Caledonia visa application form. Completed application form will be prepared within 5 business hours of order submission and emailed to you to download, print and sign.
Passport. Original passport valid for 6 months and with 2 facing blank pages.
Photo: Two passport-sized photos.
Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or itinerary.
Travel and medical insurance. Travel Medical Insurance (Minimum up to €30,000 coverage while in the Schengen area).
Proof of residence. Applicants must provide evidence that they have their legal residence in Australia since 3 months: VEVO (for NON-Australian).
Proof of accommodation. Hotel booking (or address of the Hotel and proof of possessing at least the equivalent of 120 Euros, for each day).
Utility bills. Recent Utility bills including applicant's name.
Evidence or financial resources.
• Three last months bank statements and detailed transactions list (last one has to be no more than 15 days before date). Credit card statement not sufficient. Name of the account's holder has to appear clearly.
• Last 3 payslips if employed or letter from the person bearing the cost of the stay accompanied by a passport copy and recent bank statement (last 3 payslips).

Proof of status.
• If working: an official letter from employer (stating that you are an employee, allowed to travel and take such leaves).
• If studying: official letter from the University attesting registration and attendance.
• If a housewife: letter from your husband’s employer plus copy of your husband’s passport plus copy of marriage certificate issued by the State or Province Register (civil status) (with the official translation if not in English or French). Documents issued by religious authorities are not accepted.
• If retired: recent letter from Centrelink or pension company, specifying pension rate.

If visiting family or friends: Original of certificate of board and lodging ("Attestation d’accueil") to be obtained by the host at his/her local Townhall (form Cerfa n°10798*02) and to be sent to you. We will not accept any copy or fax of this form.

New Caledonia tourist visa fees for citizens of Gambia

Single entry
  • Validity: up to 3 months
  • Processing: 30 business days
  • Total cost:
Multiple entry
  • Validity: up to 3 months
  • Processing: 30 business days
  • Total cost:
Maximum stay in New Caledonia: 30 days New Caledonia visa help
Maximum stay in New Caledonia: 30 days New Caledonia visa help
New Caledonia visa for citizens of Gambia is required. For more information please contact the nearest New Caledonia embassy.

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